Kalina Alabrudzinska, Jacek Blawut, Magda Florek, Monika Pawluczuk
Silence III, 2006, Poland
Video, 20’00’’
Silence III part of a set of short documentaries, made by students. Four of the shorts were chosen and put together in a set. In this context they touch on more profound subject matter than the original aim of the student’s task.

Dan Arnold
Madagascar and W J Arnold, 2008
Video, 10’15’’
Dan Arnold is an artist primarily concerned with the natural world, our place within it and the processes involved. “Madagascar is my utopia, somewhere otherwordly. I spent seven months in the northern part of the island looking for plants and animals as part of a research trip. I built a solar camera charger, took a super8 camera and drew pictures. This piece of work is my response to Madagascar and the death of my father who died whilst I was there. All the sound is real, the narrative borne through the images; animals appearing and disappearing in different states, sounds layered and juxtaposed”.

Hector Castells-Matutano
Barcelona, Spain, 1978. Lives and works in London
Pretty fucked up n°1 love baby, 2000-2008
Video, 3’3’’
“I want my work to be in between the poetical and the social. Sometimes the poetical responsibility takes over the social responsibility and sometimes it happens the opposite. I cannot control this completely. I started Pretty with the will of destroying my dependence on beauty and trying to make myself immune to seduction. Once I finished the piece I realized that it had happened exactly the contrary, compared to my starting idea. One of the interpretations of the piece could be in fact to be in front of a damn, mad, insane love, a kind of passion that all human beings - I believe - have experienced in their life. Lately in my works I’ve had the desire to show the brutality and violence, often times invisible, that we suffer in this society. Pretty could be a part of that, or maybe a sort of escape or canalization of this violence, in order to make something beautiful...”

Cristian Chironi

Nuoro, Italy, 1974. Lives and works in Italy
Sticker, 2007
DVD video, sound color, loop (video excerpt)
Sticker is a video that visually communicates the conflict between a figure and a background. This figure wants to be part of the background becoming like a photograph, glued into its album.
The dressing and the mimesis give the illusion that the solid figure could transform into image and then, slowly like a slow-motion soccer scene, detach itself from the background. Leaving in its place a white silhouette, falling onto the ground and then continuing to try to adhere to the background.

Salvatore Cutaia, Emanuele Vara

In Bloom, 2009
Col, HD, 15’
In Bloom is an experimental short about the relation between a kid and his imagination. As the artist looses himself in the spaces that fascinate him, the child extends the world where he lives, his room, his toys in a intimate unreal world.
Emanuele Vara and Salvo Cutaia are two young Italian directors who started their activity in the crew of the independent Spanish production school estudiodecine . Their works are based on a reflection about the different possibilities of building the form in the post-modern low budget movie. In particular they are interested in mixing documentary and fiction looking for a new strategy of narrative and visual attraction. Their works are also influenced by their interest in videoart, music, literature and contemporary art. Gradueted in cinema at the University of Palermo they recently studied and worked in Barcelona with estudiodecine where their get the licence in Superior masterclass in Digital Cinema. Now they're working on a experimental documentary about esthetic relations between Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Lino Brocka. They recently shooted in Brussels their last movie “In bloom” which is signed for the first time under the name Nonoproduktion.

Marco Dalbosco

Lives and works between London and Trentino, Italy.
(K...), 2006
Video, 1’ 00’’, loop
«In the freedom of the green universe, the body is finally liberated from the chains of the will. For months, the only will is the one of the body becoming pure rhythm. Tschhh, tschyhhh, tschhh, tschyhhh, the monotony gradually slips into a new movement, where what seemed like the same motion is transformed and starts transforming the body itself, and the mind with it. The leg is one with the machine, the body disappears, all becomes rhythm, pure intuitive body rhythm of the pump moving, opening up the infinity of non-thought,the force of the unwilled, drawing the modern body out of the world and into the purity of the unending green universe of becoming pump. Any philosophy that believes in the value of the becoming should learn to remember that which disappear, and remember in the moment of the event of the reciprocal transformation of the actual and the virtual into pure potentiality, pure eventality. Marco Dalbosco's work is such a moment of pure eventality, drawing us into remember that which will never be lost and has never become. Do not think about me, it tells us, do not reflect, just disappear and let whatever become in the making of the pump replacing your will, your brain, your illusory autonomy. An intervention beyond explanation, beyond modernity and modernity thinking about modernity. A voiceless evocation of eventality itself».
Oleg Koefoed, “New space, new time: body”, Gravitations - Centre for Active Philosophy, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2006.

Maïder Fortuné

La Licorne, 2006
Video, 6’
In an unspecified black space, a unicorn stands motionless. The bright light magnifies the mythical animal whose presence remains as majestic and prestigious as ever. A black rain starts to fall. As it grows thicker, it slowly exposes the unicorn's masquerade. The magical horn is revealed to be no more than a ridiculous travesty. This revelation operates a shift from legendary wonderment of fair booth, the amusement park, junk merchandise, worlds which miserably watch over the ashes of ancient dreams, myths and magic. A sad clown progressively darkened by the black rain, the unicorn slowly slides towards its spectral double, until it disappears as if swallowed by the black space.

Zoè Gruni
Pistoia, Italy, 1982. Lives and works in Pistoia
Metacorpo, 2009
Digital video, 2’58
In the video the “meat” of the artist blends with the image and frees itself in space, showing in his movements “the participation in life of things and events” like the artist states, proponing in this way, his own body like a sort of pre-expression devoid of linguistic mediation.

Andrew Hodgson

Alignment (1), 2009
AVI Video: arranged film clips (taken from YouTube), 40’’
This video formed part of a recent study into our continuing celebrations of solar alignment, during Andrew's one month residency at PoSt Projects, London.
Following on from his visit to Stonehenge during the summer solstice, Andrew considered our common interest in alignment and natural cycles, responding to sunlight within the project space to create a series of 'light installations' and films. Alignment (1) Aligns three film clips to their common moment of solar alignment, but also considers how popular culture has helped to nurture our interest in these events.
Further details of Andrew's residency at Post Projects can be found

Christian Niccoli

Bolzano, Italy, 1976. Lives and works in Berlin
Planschen, 2008
16mm film transferred on DV-pal, 5’05’’
Through the use of simple signs – the sea and some people floating on it – the artist shows an allegory of contemporary society, made up of different people unable to express to each other their own feelings and thoughts. At the same time, it is an actual expression of the sublime – the sentimental feeling of the little people with the infinite and finite nature – which leaves the viewer with doubts, rather than having any straight answers.

Anja Puntari
Marburg an der Lahn, Germany, 1979. Nationality Finnish. Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland and Milan, Italy
XXX, 2007
Video, 4’45’’
Courtesy Gallery Francesca Minini
Anja Puntari is interested in investigating the question of individual and collective identity. In XXX she manipulates video clips from Internet, amateur porn videos, showing only the eyes of women performing blowjobs. The work suggests the short circuits that occur when we look at language – in this case, the language of porn movies – that we consider transparent. The eyes, instead, seem to show a private condition, which could be separated from the role of the porno actress. The movie follows the point of view of the male actor in the film. All the virtual porn movies end up in the same way, with the woman on the floor passive with her mouth open and the man masturbating into her mouth. XXX follows the eyes of the completely passive female performers, during the final scene of these films.

Jacopo Rachlik
Firenze, Italy, 1973. Lives and works in Firenze
Spiraculum, 2009
Video, 2’32”
Spiraculum is a passage, to be seen through the zoomed particulars of a brand burning in the fire. In the middle of a strong thermal wind, generated by the combustion, a piece of wood struggles to resist to the destroying action of the flames. Inside the magma of the red iridescent colour the piece of wood sinks and re-emerges frm the flames substantially changed: a put out and opaque matter that still persists, in an act of resistance.

Andy Wood

Gaze, 2006
Colour, 4:3, miniDV, 3:45mins
Andy Wood is a digital media artist who works with moving image and sound. He has a particular interest in screen-dance, video installations and public projections that intervene in non-traditional spaces. It takes two to Tango… usually. Gaze: Shot at three iconic locations (Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Runswick Bay) a lone Tango dancer negotiates a range of outdoor terrain and destroys her treasured shoes on the way. Exchanging the milongas of Buenos Aires for the countryside of Yorkshire this short presents an incongruous Point Of View. (Performance and choreography: Zoe Solomons)

Tobias Zehntner

Aquarium, 2008
Video, 2’10’’
The video is part of the project Imaginary Space and is a study of human behaviour in artificial, but existing places. The camera is on the sideline watching and documenting people in this seemingly unknown, but familiar space.


Jason Brooks

1. Deptford Faces
November, 2008
A meditation on the plethora of joyously textured characters to be found at Deptford Market. Music by Phillip Glass.
2. The Blue Man - In Memorium: Edward Highwood
November 2008
A tribute to without doubt one of the most colourful characters to have graced the streets of Deptford. An icon of the gay community, Edward was found in July, killed in his own home. A single computer monitor was stolen during the break-in. Police have arrested a 20 year old man who is to be tried for murder. Music by Cinematic Orchestra.
3. Yeux
October 2008
A study of beauty, inverted. Music by Phillip Glass.
4. Time/Money = Change
September 2007
A twenty minute ethnographic documentary examining the cultural effects of the international NGO presence in Juba, South Sudan.
Jason Brooks is a freelance documentary maker with a particular interest in personal stories, and the interaction between image and music. He now lives at Sanford Coop. The four works to be shown here comprise three short 'artistic' pieces focused upon the dynamics of the face, and one longer documentary concerning "development", shot in Sudan in 2007. More of his work can be seen at where he can also be contacted.

Libero Colimberti
Frame, 2008

Nayana Fernandez

Think about it, 2007
Video, 6’2’’
Produced during the Summer/Autumn 2007 around a busy high street of West London, this short movie tries to portray and rise some questions about one of the most popular habits of contemporary culture: consumption.
By Nayana Fernandez and Daniel Frechoso
Sound: Libero Colimberti
Music: Hugo Frasa


The Mosque in the Street

Performers Without Borders
Introducing PWB, 2’52’’
PWB in Kolkata, India 2008, 5’17’’
PWB in Viayawada, India 2008, 8’42’’
We performance skills to vulnerable children in countries of high child poverty. We work towards giving disadvantaged children the opportunity to explore their potential. We understand that, through teaching circus the most vibrant of the performing arts, an individual's learning, creativity and team working skills evolve. Further, it helps to build confidence, develop empowerment and help the individual to overcome social barriers. We envisages a world where all children are able to realise their full potential, an appreciate differences between cultures and understand the importance of communication and personal action.
For more information: and

Lee Simmons
Breath, 2004
Sound, 2’
"Working in a variety of mediums I often use public space for participatory interventions and performances. Books and text pieces are also utilized to develop ideas that are not gallery focused. Photography is a tool for research as well as communication of events and projects. Alongside and with my art practice, I work as a freelance facilitator and consultant with a variety or organizations; at present mainly in London and South East England". Breath is an experimental sound installation conceived originally as a link between three narrative sound pieces, three different distorted story tellings.

Danny Smith

The ups of Down
Video, 10’06’’

Elvira Zaera
Queen of My Kingdom
Video, 11’30’’


Awareness short film
, 2009
Written by Bia Paiva / Director: Helge Kubath / Camera & edition: Dennis Hemstedt / Inner-you: Marina Faé / Inner-infant: Maya Paiva / Soundtrack: Fobia / Assistent and catering: Timo Kraemer
Awareness is an independent & pirate project for the development of immersive environments, experimental parties and the poetic of creative chaos.
The short movie is the reality version of an insightful dream the author had.
A brief & intense story about the chaotic process the 'Inner-you' suffers in the search for the way to flow & fly. A total brainstorm, a collapse, until it reaches the insight of perception and transformation - breaks through the right door... and then returns to the zero point, gets the purification and finds the real and true self essence.
Creative chaos for AWARENESS of life!!!
Recorded in the underground labyrinths of Berlin in may / 2009 .

Silvio Palladino

Born in 1981, Napoli (Italy) Lives and works in London
I _
Video, 1’

Sean Reynard


Salvo Cutaia & Emanuele Vara

Youthquake, 2008
Mini DV, Spain/Italy, 26’
Two teenagers are shooting a documentary. They interview old people, asking about their sexual habits. At night they arrive in front of a mysterious nightclub and they decide to go in: and so begins a trip into a strange and wooded land looking for their self discovery through imaginary, or (maybe) real, visions. A work in which documentary and fiction are mixed in order to find new narrative strategies.

Shu Lea Cheang
Sex Bowl, 1994
Sex Fish, 1993
Shu Lea Cheang is a filmaker, a video artist and a conceptual artist. Originally from Taiwan but deeply nomadic and actually living in Paris, over the past decade, she has emerged as a prominent figure in new media art.
She is most noted for her individual approach in the realm of art and technology, creatively mixing social issues with artistic methods.
She’s particurly intrested in themes like the cyberg thinking, femminsim and sexual identities. Her point of view is radical, critical and ironic.
Her net installation works are in permanent collections of the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Tokyo and the Guggenheim Museum (Bowling Alley, 1995; Buy One Get One, 1997; and Brandon, 1998-1999).
She has co-founded several collectives: Kingdom of Piracy (based in the net space since 2001); Mumbai Streaming Attack (based in Zurich since 2003); TAKE2030 (based in London since 2003).

Destricted, 2006
Marina Abramovic, Balkan Erotic Epic, 13’04’’
Matthew Barney, Hoist, 14’37’’
Marco Brambilla, Sync, 2’15’’
Larry Clark, Impaled, 37’28’’
Gaspar Noé, We Fuck Alone, 23’31’’
Richard Prince, House Call, 12’29’’
Sam Taylor Wood, Death Valley, 8’25’’